Whats everyone doing on their iPhone? Just Fillin'!

Just Fillin' is the best new game on the iTunes App Store, trust me.

Use your fingers to blow bubbles until the screen is filled up. But its not that easy. Vicious spikey balls are flying all over the screen, ready to burst your bubble.

Its an amazing physics and water simulation, Just Fillin' will keep you entertained and addicted for hours or just minutes.

Use advanced techniques like tilting and tossing bubbles to trap the spikeys and clear space to fill the screen. Compete against the world on our online leaderboard. Enjoy!

Buy it now on the App Store, Only 99 cents! Or try it for free.

"I must say it got me hooked with its simple but addictive gameplay...Playtoniq has created a really fun game as far as I'm concerned."


My lower lip is chapped, and it's all due to a crazy-addictive game called Just Fillin'